April 22, 2009

PromisedLandOfDreams – playing with words & images

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    PromisedLandOfDreams – playing with words & images
    collage of sound/music/moving/still/audio/text nonlinear playground
    with a stay “tuned”

    Random Playlist

    Musical by TimQ a Portrait of David’s Sculpture
    click chinese menu of multiple tracks below

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    Keepers of the Past

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    TimQ Music composed/performed

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    random NonLinearPoem - dedicated to e.e. cummings

    random poem dedicated to e.e.cummings
    refresh or reload page or click on text to change phrase randomly
    random [at] randomplace-dot-com

    Playing with words from my garden of words - random poems

    random NonLinearPoem - dedicated to e.e. cummings

    interactive - one act play (reload click on text or balloons) individual

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