August 17, 2021

Promised Land Of Dreams

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Portrait of an Artist
a soul-searching exploration into
madness, the creative mind and marijuana
a hybrid film by
geo geller & Issa Ibrahim

Portrait of an Artistis a soul-searching exploration in a unique hybrid film/conversation experience, that continues the conversation in the film with the audience on Madness, Marijuana, Creative Mind, Mental Health and Harm Reduction between filmmaker Geo Geller and the artist, Issa Ibrahim. Portrait of an Artist is a feature of 3 short stand-alone films, ‘Portrait of the Artist Issa Ibrahim’, ‘Marijuana & Me’ and ‘Madness’ running consecutively – Time 58min 32seconds 

Portrait of an Artist addresses the wide arc of mental health, the unintended consequences of marijuana use and its link to schizophrenia, while capturing the beauty and sadness of an artist in full bloom and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Issa was born an artist into a bohemian family, his father a Jazz musician and mother a painter who encouraged his painting gifts. At age 24, in a marijuana induced delusion, Issa suffered an extreme psychotic meltdown culminating in a horrific family tragedy, leading him to spend 20 years in a mental hospital. Issa’s struggle and search for meaning in his life resonate through his art, music, and writing and can be felt in these films.

GEwIZ is a collaboration between Geo Geller and Issa Ibrahim, who are refugees from normalcy, mediocrity and the status quo. Portrait of an Artist is first in a series of films and a testament to a thoughtful and heartfelt 20-year friendship full of depth and soul.

“Portrait of an Artist is Very powerful and direct… brave and honest.” Michael Gitlin, Filmmaker

“Portrait of an Artist made me take a look at myself and my privilege. The art history, the comic-book history, and the art analysis was icing on the cake.” Dan Frey, City Voices

Portrait of an Artist
Promo 05:40 min

Portrait of an Artist Hybrid Conversational Theater/Film Password Upon Request Film 58min 32seconds  Pre-Post-Production

In screening this film GEwIZ is looking for any interested potential investors, partners and media sponsors. We welcome any aid or thoughts. Thank you in advance for your consideration. We look forward to your response.

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