July 12, 2014

Beast Behind Beauty

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The Beast Behind Beauty
part 1 of 2

geo geller

(note-this is work in progress draft) there is more to this conversation then meets the eye – It’s about you and me and who we be through the eyes of a young woman who is taking back her life, it’s more then just a conversation with an object of Beauty and fitness queen champion, more then just a conversation with a ReCovering Anorexic, OCD, Eating Disorders, Exercise Addiction and beyond – its an insight into what some might think of as a dark place but to those with letters like ED (eating disorder, OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), Mental Illness etc after their name, it’s life!! – a constant challenge, a gift and a curse at the same time that drives some to do incredible positive creative and imaginative things and often negative self-destructive things – post the NYC 2013 Gay Pride Parade

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Name Side Role
Darth Vader Dark Sith
Obi Wan Kenobi Light Jedi
Greedo South Scumbag

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