May 28, 2023

GEwIZ music

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GEwIZ & Promised Land Of Dreams

“Is This Another Planets Hell?”

“Is This Another Planets Hell?” In the soul searching spirit of GEwIZ, which started out as a singer song-writing exploration and collaboration between GEo and IZ. We are pleased to present, a work in progress, musical theater told in story songs from our archives combining music of GEwIZ and Issa’s solo work


work in progress music theater/film – working title
Is This Another Planets Hell
Don Juan In The Nut House

more GEwIZ Password: gewiz GEwIZ
[mp3-jplayer tracks=” Planets Hell.mp3, Dont Know About This Life.mp3, Out Of Time.mp3, Memories Of Yesterday, Of Mirrors.mp3, Away.mp3, Know Youre Crazy But Dont Know It.mp3,,, For Place To Hide.mp3, Knows.mp3, Identity.mp3, Am A Ghost.mp3, House.mp3, of Forgotten Memories.mp3, Of Make Believe.mp3, Bought The Dream.mp3, Be My Pillow.mp3,, Backwards Into Future.mp3, In Face Of Reason.mp3, Am Still Alive To My Surprise.mp3, No No Escape.mp3, Snatcher.mp3, The Past Be.mp3, About It.mp3, Track – Nailing You To The Cross.mp3, Track – Crossing The Line-37min.mp3″ style=”dark” dload=”n” captions=”by GEwIZ GEo with IZ Issa – Recorded in 2009-11″ list=”y”]

Issa’s Music Sampler


Geo Geller & Issa Ibrahim

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